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About HiQ Games

HiQ Games is a small team of indepedent developers based in France. We aim at making creative, innovative and quality games. We do our best with our little means to make quality games at a fair price for the customer. We love making games and we share with you the passion of gaming, that's why we are focused on original and interesting gameplay experiences. Through PC/Mac/Android/iOS and others, we aim to make games that we are proud of and that you'll enjoy playing.
We are a deeply passionate team and we are investing all we have for our projects. Nonetheless, we can't make this job a living at the moment, and we hope that you, our dear customers, will continue to support us so we can make all the ambitious projects we have !

The project behind HiQ Games aims to bring quality games, whatever the support or the style of the game, but with their own particularities, with strong gameplay and identity.

With our small means, we focus on giving each game a unique gameplay and atmosphere.

Thibault Drouot - Creator of HiQ Games