Escape the Jungle !


Get started !

Help your character to escape the jungle resolving puzzles and using various systems or mechanisms, going through an artistic but dangerous environment.

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Puzzles and mechanisms

Use your brain !

Levers, traps, keys, portals, movable entities, moving and rotating platforms... There are plenty of mechanisms to use in the game to find the exit of each level. Be careful though, you might observe how is your environment before rather than blinndly use everything you find not to get in trouble !

Learn to know your environment

Look around you !

Explore the beautiful ancient jungle environment of each level carefully to understand what could you use to succeed and to avoid dying cut by a saw or run over by a rolling stone.

Move your character

You got the entire control of him !

Move your character smoothly in the jungle through the ruins to find a path to the exit thanks to intuitive controls.

Grind the levels

Find new challenges !

Every level is different and has its own way of being resolved. Discover new mechanisms and more ways of accessing your goal through 50 different levels.

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