Escape the Jungle ! - Press kit

Press kit for Escape The Jungle !

  • Title : Escape The Jungle !
  • Developper : HiQ Games
  • Release date : August 2020
  • Platforms : Android and iOS
  • Price : Base price : 4€49 / US price : 3$99
  • Language : English
  • Contact :
  • Website :


Escape The Jungle ! is a puzzle game in which you have the entire control of your character. Through 50 levels, you'll have to keep an eye on your surroundings to find a way to escape. Using old mechanisms, move objects to create new paths. Levers, turning and moving platforms, actionable slabs, activable doors... there are plenty of mechanisms to use. Beware of deadly traps and dangerous animals that will be part of your journey.
Escape The Jungle ! is overall a game in which you'll have to watch your environment and use your brain to achieve your goals and reach the end of each levels. You will find different types of levels, with unique central mecahnics, each one requiring the sens of reflection. To help you, you will have access to a 3rd person view as well as a top down view, to get a good overview of each level. But you'll have to make your own experiments to escape the jungle !

About us

HiQ Games is a single person entity created by Thibault Drouot, a student and independent game developper based in France. Escape The Jungle ! is the first game of HiQ Games, and took more than a year of development. HiQ Games hope to expand its team and make new games that fit our vision : beautiful environment combined with smart gameplay.