Space Flight


Get started !

Enjoy your trip in space with a peaceful and pleaseant atmosphere strenghtened by a particular attention to design and music, but keeping an interesting gameplay while having a contemplative environment.

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Discover space

Enjoy a long trip !

Fly around planets, avoid asteroids, admire moons and nebulas during a pleasant journey in the middle of the stars.

Keep flying !

Try to fly as long as possible.

Fly during the longest time possible to get the biggest score possible ! Be careful though, you must keep a correct fuel amount for this purpose !

Be careful

Asteroids, mines and rockets are your enemies.

Your environment isn't always safe... Avoid asteroids as well as enemy missiles to avoid crashing....

Customize your ship !

Have a ship that suits you.

Buy new ships in the shop to get unique and beautiful ones.

Have fun !

Enjoy the game !

Beat your highscore, take a look at the leaderboard to get a new objective or just enjoy the beautiful environment and pleasant atmosphere of the game.